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OutLoud is looking for dynamic, creative, passionate individuals that share our core belief that the power of youth art and stories can change the world. 

Current Openings

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Statement: 


OutLoud Dallas engages the voices of young people in our community, working together to create a world where the inherent worth of all individuals is recognized and valued and all people have equitable access to resources and opportunity. We recognize racism as a national public health crisis, and as a youth development organization, we have an important role as part of a community-wide effort to dismantle systemic racism and create transformative change. 


OutLoud is committed to providing a safe, equitable, diverse, and inclusive environment for young people, artists, employees, volunteers and audience members. 

Our diversity and inclusion efforts will therefore focus on: 

  • Ensuring diverse communities have equitable access to participate in our programming, services, events, exhibitions and performances, and decision-making 


  • Engaging with young people, artists, employees, and volunteers in a way that reflects and respects their unique perspectives and experiences 


  • Creating a culture that actively promotes the goals of anti-racism, access, and equity 

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